love is in the air

here is little [jessi's] head

whose brains are made of gingerbread

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love is in the air

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I know. I noticed that. It mildly irriated me, but I got over it quickly and added that one as well.

But wait a second here... All you want me for is my SEX?

I have brains TOO, you know! Damnit, I'm not just some simple LJ whore, I AM AN INTELLIGENT WOMAN; ANINDIVIDUAL!

*slams fist*

And I have feelings too, you know....


Ignore the fact that I apparently cannot spell properly or use a spacebar. That's irrelevant.

Well, you know what they say... sex first... names later... not that this has anything to do about brains or intelligence, ..what am I talking about?

I have to say though, intelligence scares me.

Then I lied. I'm not a very smart cookie.

mmmm I like to eat cookies!! :-D

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