love is in the air

here is little [jessi's] head

whose brains are made of gingerbread

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love is in the air

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I don't normally do this... but I felt a strange connection ...
Haha. That was the lamest thing I've ever written. Forgive me?

I forgive you. It must be my irresistable sex appeal - it's like WHABAM! ...Everyone falls victim.
Or uh... Maybe you felt some other kind of connection that I'm not yet aware of?
Added. Now prove yourself worthy, damnit.

Haha. I'm just going to prove myself a real pain ITB and tell you I have a new LJ that I just made 2 seconds ago.

(oh yeah. it was the sex appeal. duh.)

I know. I noticed that. It mildly irriated me, but I got over it quickly and added that one as well.

But wait a second here... All you want me for is my SEX?

I have brains TOO, you know! Damnit, I'm not just some simple LJ whore, I AM AN INTELLIGENT WOMAN; ANINDIVIDUAL!

*slams fist*

And I have feelings too, you know....


Ignore the fact that I apparently cannot spell properly or use a spacebar. That's irrelevant.

Well, you know what they say... sex first... names later... not that this has anything to do about brains or intelligence, ..what am I talking about?

I have to say though, intelligence scares me.

Then I lied. I'm not a very smart cookie.

mmmm I like to eat cookies!! :-D

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