love is in the air

here is little [jessi's] head

whose brains are made of gingerbread

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love is in the air

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i got ur back add me up

Sorry I don't add lame scene kids.

You're already added silly.

jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessii.. add me? pwease?

I don't normally do this... but I felt a strange connection ...
Haha. That was the lamest thing I've ever written. Forgive me?

I forgive you. It must be my irresistable sex appeal - it's like WHABAM! ...Everyone falls victim.
Or uh... Maybe you felt some other kind of connection that I'm not yet aware of?
Added. Now prove yourself worthy, damnit.

you should like, totally add me, because like, i totally rock, and you totally rock too, and we should like, totally rock out, or like, whatever and stuff.

listen i cannot tell a lie, i don't think you totally rock, only that i totally rock, and because of my amazinf rock-age you should add me.

Hey... random LJer-- I was curious about your LJ format... which style is it? Or did you customize it a lot?

It's generator style with lots of customization. It's about time for a change, actually.


Why, it's an Ashley!

hey sexy..


. . . already

hey jessi...

add me, if you feel so inclined.

- Jess

...brandon lee tenney has livejournal

i guess i'm contacting you because i want to be added...
speak to you soon.

hey go check out
they are a new up and coming vXc(varitey-core) band from indy

Hi Jessi! I'm Stacy!
I have an addiction to a horrible substance and it's becoming hard to quit, I thought maybe you'd be my friend and help me overcome my addiction.

And what, pray tell, is this horrible substance?

added you as my frizzle.

add me pleasey please-kins oh pleaseeeeee

PS if you have E. E. Cummings in your profile you BELONG here

furthermore I have a friend going to USF a few towns over from you
and let me tell you, we are alot better than USF

add me bitch!!!
its mylene :)

Jessi!!!! it is me your golden herald foe!!! add me!!!

Goodness, you need to update more often!

I'm already added
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Goodness, you need to update more often!

I'm already added <and damnit I'm cute :-P>

^ ^ ^ they raped my comment! WhatTheHell! ^ ^ ^

Hey there! I just found the non-ugly lesbians community and saw your post. You are very attractive! The curly hair gives you distinction, it in no way detracts from your hotness. You have gorgeous eyes and your body rocks. Those girls do not know what they are talking about. I have modeled, so I'm generally considered very good-looking, and I *had* to say something to you. Although, it's not like what a bunch of shallow strangers say is worth much, but still. ;)

Aww, thanks for the comment. That was quite nice of you.

And no worries, my self-esteem wasn't damaged in the slightest... I really didn't take that application seriously at all. My ego is a little hard to bruise ;)

...Though I've got to admit, while having a handful of strangers tell me I'm not pretty enough doesn't phase me, the fact that one took the time to say otherwise totally makes my day. So thanks!

The comments on NUL are made by people who have no appreciation for the finer things in life. Your smile alone would be enough to make a nun kick the habit. Anyone who tells you different is not to be trusted.

Re: Just so you know

Hahaha thanks.

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